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How to make your visualizations 10 times more effective:

In Extra's on September 24, 2008 at 10:22 pm

Let’s assume you’re already interested in using visualization and affirmation techniques to manifest your goals into your own life. Maybe you already use these techniques on a daily basis. Very good! I do too and I find it very helpful.

Something you might not already know, though, is how you can make the impact of these visualization techniques way bigger. I’ll explain you an easy technique that will make your visualizations of success and wealth or whatever your goals are 10 times more effective..

How can you make it work 10 times better? It’s very simple, but very effective: use all your senses instead of just the visual. Let’s do this little exercise:

You can also find it in Dutch on My Other Blog: http://mytruthyourtruth.blogspot.com

Step 1 – choose the goal, affirmation, wish or dream you wish to work on now. (e.g. I live in a beautiful appartment with ocean-view now, I earn 1000s of dollars each day, etc.)

Step 2 – now close your eyes and relax. Let go of all your thoughts and feel your body becoming more and more relaxed with every breath you take.

Step 3 – imagine your goal as to be realized now. See yourself living in that beautiful appartment with ocean-view, see you bankaccount with 1000000s of dollars!

Step 4 – This is usually where it stops, but this time we’ll go further: use all your other senses within this process: next to the images you create inside your mind, try to imagine how you would feel when you achieved that goal, try to hear inside your mind what you would hear (e.g. someone congratulating you with the achievement, or the sound of that new car you want, the sound of the ocean outside your appartment …), try to smell what it smells like (eg. the smell of your new car, your new appartment, your wonderfull partner, etc.). Feel with your hands and touch the object of your desire inside your mind: how does it feel like to hold 100000s of dollars into your hands? What does it taste like?! NoYES!w some of these may be easier for you to do than others, but remember: Practice makes a Master.

All you have to do is make the experience as real as possible!

Now, these next steps can make it even more effective!

Step 5 – make all of these impressions reach a peak. Make it feel, look, sound, etc. more lively and intense! You can easily do this by tuning into the sensations and amplifying them.

Step 6 – when you reach the peak, make a movement with your body – a good one is putting your hands in the air, like when you would have won a price – and shout out YES!!!!!! (or something else 🙂 ).This will anchor the feeling deeper into your unconsciousness. Do this every time and after a while you can call the experience back into your mind just by making that same movement combined with the YES!!! without even doing the visualizations!